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Over to you …

I don’t consider myself a writer, although, writing and publishing a book is certainly on my bucket list. I find it much easier to edit someone else’s work than to write my own copy. I think it is incredibly hard to have a truly original idea.

So, writing this blog is challenging to say the least. I’m new to blogging and I’m going to get some things wrong, but as long as I keep learning that’s okay, so please bear with me.

My efforts are usually too corporate (despite no longer working for a corporation) or too sales-orientated according to Mr F, marketing guru and digital guy.

“A blog is simply your thoughts and opinions, useful information, or hints and tips etc. You don’t have to say you’re a proofreader, if they are reading your blog they already know that!”

But, why would anyone want to read my thoughts? Sometimes I don’t want to hear the voices in my head. Mine are nowhere near as cute as Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, the charmingly colourful characters from Inside Out (the mini-Fairbanks current favourite film).

So, the Red Ribbon blog should be interesting content relevant to me and/or you, my target audience. But, how do I know what you are interested in?

Perhaps I should check the competition, what are other proofreaders blogging or tweeting about. Then do something totally different as I certainly don’t want to just blend into the crowd.

Good advice is to write about something you love, hmmm I love the minis, the beach, movies, being happy, sewing and crafts, and coffee but how is any of that relevant to my business? Yes, I’m passionate about proofreading but how to convey that in words?

A blog can also be used to build personality and tell your story. It doesn’t have to all be about the business. People work with people not businesses – another valid point from Mr F (boy is he going to get big-headed after reading this).

People often write about their experiences, I guess that’s exactly what I’m doing now and as long as it’s from the heart you can’t really go wrong. Well, you can’t go wrong unless you publish with typos and errors.

Which leads me nicely to perhaps my biggest difficulty with blogging, you shouldn’t proofread your own work. Thus, I have to work really hard on my own words, writing, revising and proofreading them. Then, there is some anxiety for a few days after I press the publish button.

Imagine the embarrassment of a proofreader missing a mistake in their own blog! I have thought about including an error on purpose, a teaser of sorts to see if anyone is actually paying attention. If you find one do let me know.

Blogging is definitely a learning curve and practice usually leads to improvement, so I’m just going to keep writing. Probably, the best thing to do is some market research and ask the audience.

So, over to you … if you have any ideas or suggestions about what would be interesting, useful or inspiring, please get in touch via Twitter or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

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