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Over to you …

I don’t consider myself a writer, although, writing and publishing a book is certainly on my bucket list. I find it much easier to edit someone else’s work than to write my own copy. I think it is incredibly hard to have a truly original idea. So, writing this blog is challenging to say the […]

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The answer is quite simply ‘anything’

I have been going to a lot of networking events recently. As a relatively new business, I need to get out there and chat to people about what I can offer them. The question most frequently asked is ‘What kind of things can you proofread?’ The  answer is quite simply ‘anything’, if it is written […]

proofreading services

Worth Their Weight in Gold!

For most of us proofreading conjures up a similar image – a studious person marking spelling errors on paper with a red pen and squiggly symbols. Some might think it is old-fashioned, out-dated and only relevant to newspapers and book publishing. However, that is not the case. Proofreading is more relevant than ever and an […]


The Town of Books

A recent visit to Hay-on-Wye, a town world-famous for its second hand and antiquarian bookshops has reminded me of how much I love books and shopping. If you need a book, on any subject, and you have the time, you can find it in one of the bookshops of Hay. As well as the 30-plus […]